QDP success Story with Brad Dodge

No Insurance? No Problem! Dental insurance doesn’t have to be a patient’s only option for affordable dental care. Let’s face it, in this ever changing health care environment one thing that remains a constant is a patients need to be treated with the respect and the doctors need to remain at the forefront of delivering the necessary care customized for each unique patient. It’s a timeless relationship that, all to often, is reduced due to the constraints of traditional insurance models. Many people put off dental care because of a lack of “dental insurance” and the perceived high costs of treatment. According to a study done by the UC Berkeley Labor Center, nationwide, about 3.7 million Americans have lost health coverage because of lost jobs. According the US Surgeon General, another 108 million people lack dental insurance. 1 in 3 adults haven’t been to the dentist in the past year. Quality Dental Plan (QDP) allows any dental office to provide valuable “benefits” to the people of that community who lack traditional dental insurance. By giving these people “benefits” and a reason to visit the dentist, the office is helping to prevent disease and treat the disease process earlier rather than later. This not only keeps the community healthy but allows patients to save money, not just in the short term but also long term. Brad Dodge Brad Dodge was one such patient who after years of putting off dental care due to lack of insurance decided something needed to be done. QDP allowed Brad to save a significant amount of money while getting his oral health needs addressed. With his new smile Brad is more confident than ever! Dr. Medina and his team are able to deliver this high standard of care and eliminate the need for traditional insurance because the relationship remains between the dentist and patient. Without additional third party administrative cost, Dr. Medina and his team are able to pass savings directly to the patient. It’s important to remind patients of how in-house dental savings plans like QDP are different from standard insurance. One clear cost – no need to worry about copays, deductibles or maximums Freedom to choose what services fit their needs with the help of their dentist No waiting for treatment. Traditional insurance “waiting periods” can have patient waiting up to one year for necessary treatment! All preventive treatment included for them and their family Options for additional savings on dental services usually not covered by insurance Every dollar spent on preventive dental care can save between $8 and $50 in restorative and emergency treatments.- American Dental Hygiene Association