Did you have a chance to see last night’s GOP presidential debate? (2/13/2016)  The arguments sure did get mean-spirited.  There were times where I thought Jeb Bush would go over and punch Donald Trump in the nose.  I was hoping. 🙂   It was a verbal blood bath.  I was watching the debate with my wife, and it was interesting to see how uncomfortable the whole thing made her.

This morning as I was reading all the opinion pieces written about last nights debate, it was interesting to see how diverse the opinions can be.

How about last night’s presidential DENTAL debate?  Just to refresh your memories I have found pictures on the net that illustrate their smiles. If you would like to see the smiles up close and personal, press once on the photo, you will see a link on the lower right corner to download the original photo. You can then download the LARGE file, and click and scroll to zoom in on their smile.

Marco Rubio gets my vote for the nicest smile.  His is youthful, full, and pleasant to look at.  Jeb Bush would be runner-up.  What do you think? Please leave your vote in the comment section at the bottom.

These pictures are HUGE, depending on your internet speed, it may take a bit to download. Go ahead and let it download, the time will be worth it. 🙂

Does your smile need a presidential dental makeover?  Give us a call.

Norman Medina DDS
Norman Medina DDS

Norman Medina DDS, graduated from Loma Linda University Dental School in 1994. He has been practicing dentistry in Midcoast Maine since 1994. He and his wife Lanita have four children.

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