Dentistry Closeups

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about us

Modern-day Caring Technologies for Your Dental Health

SmilePure always places patients at the center of our attention, and concentrate on improving their experience with the aid of technologies.

90%Customers claim that they would come back & recommend us to others.

29$The average amount of costs patients have to pay for their dental services.

Our Services

Services at Our Clinic

Our clinic offers all kinds of services and constantly study new technology to add new custom services to the list

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge means that your dentist uses existing natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth to hold your bridge firmly.
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Dental Implant

An implant looks and acts like a natural tooth. It fits securely even when you chew and speak, so your jaw is projected.
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Dental Crowns

The crown restores the tooth to its normal shape, size & function. A crown makes the tooth stronger or improve the looks.
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why choose us

Reasons why we're widely favored

Work with Hearts

We care for your dental health with a great compassion & understanding so that you can have the best smile.

Serve with Smile

The smile never fades on our doctors’ faces as they always want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable.

Help at Hand

We are ready to check for any teeth issue at our center and at any time of the day, even on weekends & holidays.

Precise Diagnosis

When your teeth are decayed or damaged, we use modern tools to detect the area and provide treatment.

Annual Check-ups

We provide annual check-up for dental health conditions and offer many promotions for members of our center.

Flexible Installment

We allow periodic installments of purchasing costs in case customers are unable to afford the price of services.

Premium Quality, Advanced Dental Technologies with Flat Prices

30+Professors, Doctors and Other Specialist at Our Clinic

“I just started going to Dr. Medino a few months ago. I have a great fear of dentists due to past uncomfortable experiences. Since I’ve been going not once have I suffered, I mean not ONCE.
Between the friendly staff and the expertise of Dr. Medino, going to the dentist is no longer a stress, as I know I will be taken care of every step of the way”.

“I have been going to Seasons of Smiles my whole life and I still love going. I love how they all really get to know you and you really get to know everyone there. Dr. Medina takes the time to get to you know personally as well. It’s always an easy process going there and they do an amazing job, they also have so much to offer for their clients. They are a great team and I enjoy going every 6 months”.

“My husband and I have been patients at Seasons of Smiles since 1999. I cannot say enough about how comfortable and confident we are as patients. The entire office is kind, competent, and skilled. We are always totally trusting and satisfied with our treatment from the time of the phone call to leaving the office. The entire office is responsive and without fail follows up”.

“I couldn’t be more happier with my smile!!! I’ve tried Invisalign in the past, but Dr. Medina really listened to what I wanted and didn’t stop until we got there with the results!!! Also, it’s very affordable!!”

“Seasons of smiles has been my dentist for many years. Very informative, We talk about the how and why of dentistry every time I’m there! Dr Medina always lets you know exactly what needs to be done, and how to improve your smile”.

Dr. Medina has assembled a truly collaborative and supportive team of very professional, knowledgeable, and equally friendly. They treat you like family. Together they provide excellent patient care. And they firmly stand by their work! Cutting-edge technologies are making great smiles!

“So far this is the best dental practice I have ever visited. State of the art tools, gorgeous atmosphere —and most important— down to earth, friendly, and professional team!”

“One more post today for Dr.
Medina – although I love the background music that he plays to help the comfortable atmosphere in the office, I REALLY LOVED the Hawaiian music today! Loved Israel’s singing and the relaxing music! Good choice, Dr. Medina!!!👍”

“Dr. Medina is one of the top dentists in Maine. I’m a dentist as well and was able to see him in action. He has the latest advances In the field, and is a competent, kind practitioner. His staff is friendly and experienced! You will be in great hands here!”

Dentistry Closeups
Dentistry Closeups

Latest Clinic News

Stay tuned for our up-to-date news and events in dentistry written by our specialists at SmilePure Clinic Center.