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Cathy Caveney, MA

“I am very happy to be the newest member of the Seasons of Smiles team as a dental assistant. My family has been patients of Dr. Medina for 12 years, and it is always a pleasure to walk in the door at Seasons of Smiles. My children look forward to their dental visits because they get a new toothbrush and a treasure from Nellie’s treasure chest. I know everyone receives excellent and gentle care at Seasons of Smiles and it makes me smile to know I am now part of helping others feel confident about their smiles.”

Cathy was born and raised surrounded by a large, loving family in neighboring NH. After graduating from high school, she traveled to many unique places on our amazing planet experiencing cultures of all kinds. Her M.A. degree in Cultural Anthropology from Colorado State University continued to ignite curiosity in how people around the world live their lives and find happiness.

Cathy and her husband, Rob Snyder live in Rockland with their children Claire and Rhett and two fluffy cats, Lily and Lucy. The food they eat and where it comes from is important to Cathy. Supporting our local food producers, especially organic farmers, are key to healthy living and a thriving community. Local food is full of flavor and has more nutrients than food shipped from far away. Shopping for local food supports the local economy, and it is easier to learn about how your food is produced. You are what you eat and to maintain a healthy body and mind, as well as healthy teeth, local food is a step in a positive direction.

Cathy likes that her children remind her to dance while washing dishes, sing at bathtime and read at bedtime. She also enjoys volunteering, helping others, planning gatherings, laughing, warm sunshine, whole foods, reading, writing, research, walking, gardening, sewing, and painting.

Being part of the team at Seasons of Smiles means that I will be helping others smile, laugh and enjoy their lives as much as I do mine.


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