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Krista Medina

Hi, my name is Krista Medina. I am Dr. Medina’s daughter, and am currently working full time at Seasons of Smiles.

I graduated with my degree in nursing, and after passing boards, I’m officially an RN! I am fortunate to currently be working in the office, and though I may move on to a different medical field, I know I will be in and out in the future.

For the past few years I have worked part time, designing and ordering chap-sticks as well as thermos containers and many other goodies you get to experience when you visit!

I have also had the opportunity to go on many mission trips with the dental office to places such as Mexico and Peru. These visits gave me a heart for being a healing hand for those in need—ultimately leading me to decide to spend 4 months in Niarobi, Kenya as a student missionary.

I will be working in a small clinic putting my newly found nursing skills to good use, helping with anything from bandaging to delivering babies!

I enjoy scrapbooking with my mom and spending time with my siblings. During high school and college I especially loved the time I spent doing gymnastics to promote a drug-free lifestyle and healthy living to middle schoolers.

I am extremely excited to be working with my dad, and learning many new things about dentistry. I have enjoyed getting to know our patients and look forward to meeting you too! Check out my blog at KristaRN.com.


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