A Dental Day on Vinalhaven Maine

A Dental Day on Vinalhaven Maine

It was April 1, 2016 and mother nature was not to be denied. I felt the waves rocking me back and forth as we sojourned across the foggy, rough, terrain over to the island. Once we arrived on the island we started getting settled in at the dental clinic. However, we were soon informed that there was only going to be one ferry leaving the island that day due to the gloomy weather and that the one and only ferry was leaving in 5 minutes. If we missed that boat then we would be spending the night on the island. No way Jose! I thought to myself as we grabbed our gear and started running to the ferry landing.

Run Michelle! Brooke raced us down to the ferry terminal and as I got out of the car I breathed a sigh of relief–the ferry was still there!  We already had tickets, no problem. We just needed to board. But–Oh no! Just as we started on the short walk to the ferry, the ferry started pulling out.

We missed the boat?!

Island living is definitely an adventure. Since we missed the boat, we figured we might as well work at the clinic because TODAY is an orthodontic DEBANDING DAY! As it turns out, I’m glad we missed the boat.

Amber Shane has reached a milestone in her Invisalign journey. Friday, April first, was the day she was scheduled to take her Invisalign buttons off. She no longer has to wear her aligners 24×7. She will now be transitioning to Vivera Retainers by Invisalign to maintain her smile! All thanks to a missed ferry, and a gloomy day on Vinalhaven, Maine.

Congratulations Amber on your beautiful smile, it’s time to smile big and share that smile with others!

Amber Smiles_Fotor
Dinah Moyer, Dr. Medina, Amber Shane, Michelle Webber EFDA, Julie Peterson (Left to Right)

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