Bill Curtis has a Smile Makeover

Bill Curtis has a Smile Makeover

Bill Curtis's new smile makeover at Seasons of Smiles Dental before and after photos
Bill Curtis’s new smile makeover at Seasons of Smiles Dental before and after photos

When Bill Curtis was thirteen years old he was riding his bike near the General Henry Knox Museum at Montpelier in Thomaston, Maine. He crashed his bike and chipped his two front teeth in half.  By the time he was seen by a dentist, it was too late so his two front teeth were removed and a flipper partial was put into place.
Seven years later he had a permanent bridge placed by Dr. Gerald Pendleton DDS here in Camden Maine. Do you want to venture the cost of a 4 unit bridge back in 1970? A whopping $180!
For the next forty-six years, that bridge held on. No decay and nothing broke on it. However, aesthetically the bridge needed help.

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Bill was concerned with oral health, and through the years, Bill faithfully had his teeth cleaned.  Even though Bill felt comfortable with his smile, Dr. Medina has been encouraging Bill to replace the bridge so that he could be proud of his smile. Just recently, Bill was finally ready.

Many of you may know Bill Curtis from the community.

Bill is 67 years old and taught at Camden Hills High School for 39 years. His first year he taught French and then two years of English. The next 36 years he taught Latin. During his years as a teacher, Bill was the High School baseball coach at Camden Hills, but now he volunteers and helps the coaches at Oceanside High School.
You might also know his wife Laura, who used to be the school secretary at the Rockland District Middle School (the sweatshirt he was wearing in the photo). Now she works at the Thomaston grammar school.
Bill has also been a lobsterman, taking after his father. He would lobster during the weekends and after school and during the summer. Winter was the only time he didn’t lobster. And now that he’s retired, like a true Mainer,  he is still lobstering. Bill is passing on his love of lobstering to the younger generations in his family; His grandson is his stern man, and when he goes off to college in the fall, Bill’s son-in-law will be his stern man.

Bill, tell us about your new smile! He grinned widely and said “I won’t be surprised if it ends up on Channel 6 with your pursuit of this smile.” We’re shooting for Oprah!

We are passionate about your smile, and we feel blessed to have found a dental lab that is as passionate as we are. All the lab work done here was through the tooth artist Larry Nummerdor, CDT from D&S Dental Laboratory.
Have you looked at your teeth in the mirror said, “this is the year for a new smile”?


  1. Kristin

    Wow! What an awesome transformation! I love seeing your team so passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles.

    April 17, 2016 at 1:26 pm Reply
  2. Kim

    This makes me smile! 🙂

    April 24, 2016 at 9:13 pm Reply
  3. Wonderful work! It’s so great to see the smile on his face. Truly makes me proud of our profession.

    May 3, 2016 at 12:29 pm Reply
    1. Hello Dr. Fenton, I love your website. Wishing you and all your team at Laguna Vista Dental Well.

      May 3, 2016 at 12:57 pm Reply

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