Cheering for the home team. Go New England Patriots!

Cheering for the home team. Go New England Patriots!

Ahh, autumn in New England. The crisp air, the colorful leaves, the football games that allow us to forget the outside world and come together to cheer on our team…what could be better?

Yes, yes, the NFL has become a hot topic.

There’s some real discord now in a game that used to be a place where the outside world faded away in the roar of the crowd as a ball flew through the air. I daresay it’s a tough time to be a football fan, but you know what?

Here at Seasons of Smiles, we STILL love our New England Patriots. Even our one adamant hardcore Chicago Bears fan fits in, because whatever team we root for, wherever we fall on the political spectrum, however we view the NFL protests, there’s one thing we still all agree on.

We still all cheer for each other.

Just look at us in our jerseys. Is this a great team, or what?

Go New England Patriots!
Go New England Patriots!

It’s especially fun this Halloween in moose country because not only do we get to dress up, but we’re daring to dream. The team has 6 wins and only 2 losses! Can we hope for another SuperBowl? Now THAT would really be something to smile about! And that’s what we’re all about at Seasons of Smiles.

We love to create beautiful smiles, and this year, we’d not only like to improve your smile, we’d like to give you something to smile about, so here goes.

You are welcome at our office if you are the greatest football fan who ever lived. You are welcome at our office if you’ve never heard of football. Hey, anything is possible. You’re welcome if you agree with the NFL protests, if you think they’re nonsense, or anywhere in between.

Just give us a call and you’ll get beautiful teeth AND people who want nothing more than to make you smile.

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