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Seasons of Smiles Dental participates in Dentists with a Heart – Fall Edition, 2012.

“The need for dental services for low-income residents is overwhelming”, said Meredith Batley who is the executive director of the Knox County Health Clinic.

But Seasons of Smiles Dental took a big bite out of that need on Friday, October 12, 2012.

Dentist with a Heart

By the end of the day, Seasons of Smiles Dental had extracted 4 teeth, repaired 2 cavaties, and begun the necessary steps to extract five teeth on a Coumadin patient, by obtaining additional information from the cardiologist.

The Knox County Health Clinic has a dental program that provides examinations, cleanings and X-rays by a dental hygienist. There is limited access to the volunteer dentists, she said. The program also provides dentures for a limited number of people.

“The program is for people who are looking to get a job. It’s hard to get a service job, for example, without a smile,” she said.

The all-day Dentists with a Heart program was aimed at cutting into that waiting list.  Seasons of Smiles Dental is doing all we can can to reach out and serve our community. You may “click” on any photo to go through the slideshow.  For a full writeup in Village Soup, our local news website, press here.


Press on any photo to go through slideshow.


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