Give Them More Than They Expect

Give Them More Than They Expect

This little video clip came across my facebook page a few weeks ago and right away I thought ”that’s it! this is how we work at the dental office and in my Creative Memories business!”‘ Thinking about it some more, I realized that it’s because when I have business dealings with anything from the grocery store to putting tires on my car, the Top of the Line Customer Service is what just totally makes my day and motivates me to come back. So, we too have made an effort to

Give them more than they Expect, Give them more than they pay for and Give them more than they have ever gotten from any other Dentist. Kristin Pelletier

And if you happen to have piles of pictures stuffed in your closets, drawers or under the bed and you need my professional help in getting them organized and into albums, be assured that I will also follow our Mantra of Giving more than you expect, Giving you more than you pay for and giving you more than you have ever gotten from any other Scrapbooking store, craft place or professional photo organizer.
Perhaps getting your piles of pictures back into your life is more fun than going to the dentist, but let’s face it: without the dentist you’d have no lovely smile for those pictures – so we will work together to make any experience you have with us be the Best you’ve ever had! Now you can also go look up Creative Memories and be inspired to see how your photos can have a new look. With over 25 years of experience helping people organize their photos and get them into albums to enjoy for generations, it cant hurt to take a look: Creative Memories with Lanita Medina.


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