Introducing Plaque HD

Introducing Plaque HD

While going through my morning email I saw this from the American Dental Association.

Can Green Toothpaste Fight Tooth Decay?

WSJ Reviews New Toothpaste That Turns Plaque Green.
The Wall Street Journal (2/8, Johannes, Subscription Publication) reviews a new toothpaste that binds to plaque and shows it as green, aiming to improve oral hygiene by showing people areas they missed while brushing. The article states that researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago conducted a short-term study of Plaque HD, finding plaque was reduced by 51.3% after people brushed with the toothpaste for up to 10 days. American Dental Association spokeswoman Dr. Mary Hayes has not tried the toothpaste, but says it could serve as a consistent reminder to patients. Dr. Hayes adds that areas between the teeth and at the gumline are common areas patients miss.

Plaque HD - plaque identifying toothpaste.
Plaque HD – plaque identifying toothpaste.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, so I could not read their article online. But Plaque HD sounds like a great product! We were able to talk to the reps during our recent Yankee Dental convention and I saw enough to know that I want plaque HD at the office for our patients.

How It Works

Plaque HD is a revolutionary plaque-identifying toothpaste that uses Targetol Technology™ to turn plaque on your teeth a bright green color so you can easily identify where you need to focus your brushing. Once you have thoroughly brushed away all of the green, your teeth will be clean and plaque-free. By practicing regular brushing with the easy-to-use PLAQUE HD™ formula, you can protect your orthodontic investment by fighting cavities (and freshening breath – which is always good), and helping to prevent gum disease. Now that’s a true accomplishment!

Also, PLAQUE HD toothpaste can be used by anyone, with or without braces. Our team here at Seasons of Smiles Dental {will be} uses it, including Dr. Medina.
Check out this PLAQUE HD™ Video below to watch a demonstration on how it works:

PLAQUE HD™ is only sold at participating dental and orthodontic offices, and we are excited to offer it to our patients at Seasons of Smiles Dental. Help to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible between professional cleanings by brushing regularly with PLAQUE HD toothpaste.

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