Invisalign Day 2020 – One day Only! 7/23/2020

Invisalign Day 2020 – One day Only! 7/23/2020

Invisalign Day is coming! Give us a call now. Limited slots are availableThat’s right, for one day only, Seasons of Smiles Dental is going to give you, even more to smile about. It’s our great back to school special, Invisalign at prices so low you have to see them to believe them. And here they are!
You can get Invisalign for as low as $4500 in total.  We’re also offering payment plans as low as $127 a month. Or do your retainers need an update? Vivera Retainers for half price. One day only.

Do you want to see a beautiful smile? – Carol Mullett

Carol recently stopped by the office, she was finishing up her Invisalign journey, and she was stopping by to pick up her Vivera retainers. As customary we took our post-op photos for our clinical dental records.

As we were reviewing the pictures on the big screen I was taken back.  I do love looking at smiles, and there are some smiles that are beyond gorgeous.  As a dentist, there are some smiles that I can gaze into, and they just go on and on.  I’m not sure I can explain it, but the more you gaze into Carol’s smile it is limitless.

At the previous visit while taking off the invisalign buttons we had recommended to Carol that this would be a great time to whiten her teeth.  Wow, did that come out nicely!

Can you agree? Is this the prettiest smile ever?

Are you looking for that perfect gift?  How about giving your loved one the gift of a beautiful smile? What do you think of Invisalign and some tooth whitening? Give us a call.

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