Jarad has a Dental Emergency

Jarad has a Dental Emergency

Jarad has a Dental Emergency
Jarad has a Dental Emergency

Going to the dentist can be a scary proposition, but at least you usually have time to prepare. When it’s a dental emergency, not only do you have to go to the dentist but you don’t even have the luxury of making an appointment well in advance.

A dental emergency can be painful as well as unsightly, and worst of all, it can be hard to find a dentist to take you when something has suddenly happened to your smile.

Keeping all that in mind, check out Jarad. He came in for an emergency visit after his front tooth was broken at school. We were taking x-rays and going over options with mom when Jarad decided to take a selfie!

Now, we encourage selfies at our office. We love to see our patients so excited about their beautiful smiles that they want to take pictures. We really enjoy being included in those pictures too. But a dental emergency selfie with a broken tooth? Most people with a broken tooth are in a sour mood. I know if my front tooth was broken and it was going to take some time to get my beautiful smile back, I would be crying.

Not Jarad.

Mom posted the picture on FaceBook so everyone could see what a great outlook this kid has on life. A broken tooth wasn’t going to get him down and he was happy to include us in his optimistic picture. I didn’t know him before he came to the office but I can’t wait to fix his smile and have a new selfie to share.

Best of all, Jarad’s picture and story can encourage people to call our office if they have a dental emergency. At Seasons of Smiles Dental, we are always available for our community. You don’t have to suffer with a broken tooth or a painful mouth wondering where you can find a dentist in a hurry. Give our office a call. We’re always ready to help our patients, whether we’ve been taking care of you and your family for years or you’re a new friend like Jarad.


  1. Our patients´ experience is as important as our skills at the time of performing our treatments
    Selfies are a good way to engage our patients and make them feel welcome
    Be well

    November 22, 2018 at 9:31 pm Reply

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