Presenting Beverly’s Confident New Smile

Presenting Beverly’s Confident New Smile

A smile makeover for our patient Beverly
“Raise your hand if you truly like to go see the dentist. If you didn’t raise your hand, I suggest you visit Dr. Medina’s office. These people are professional and friendly, fun and respectful. I always enjoyed my time there, and received top-notch care.” – Beverly

You could say that Beverly is a public speaking coach, but that’s not the whole story. She teaches people how to discover the freedom to be themselves and share their true self with others. Beverly helps people learn the confidence they need to better communicate and connect with just about anyone.  For a woman with such confidence and a heart for her mission, Beverly values her smile.

If you get a chance you should check out Beverly’s video blog on PenBay Pilot.  They are all upbeat enjoyable little snippets less than three minutes. One of our favorites is, When you draw a blank, we hope you check her vlog out.

Beverly’s Smile Discovery

Beverly came to us for Invisalign® treatment to straighten her smile. Though the average Invisalign treatment length is 12 months, we thought Beverly’s smile could be in tip-top shape in about half that time and were excited to start her journey towards straighter teeth!

However, as we progressed through treatment, our team was finding it difficult to align the front incisors of her smile. Though tooth #8 and #9 seemed aligned, they weren’t symmetrical. As a comprehensive general dentist, Dr. Medina offers a wide range of treatments to correct the aesthetics of a smile – not just orthodontics like Invisalign. Because of his experience leading smile makeovers for Camden patients, he realized that in Beverly’s case, further cosmetic treatment was needed to lengthen one of her incisors: #8 was significantly shorter than #9! Dr. Medina realized that dental bonding would help correct this problem to provide more aesthetic results.

What’s Dental Bonding?

Luckily, dental bonding is a simple procedure that takes less than an hour and is non-invasive and affordable. So, how did Beverly’s dental bonding treatment work?

  • First, Dr. Medina completed a shade matching process to color the composite material so that it seamlessly matches the natural teeth.
  • Medina then prepped the natural tooth area where the composite is to be applied by gently filing the surface.
  • Michelle applied the composite resin material to the tooth and carefully shaped it to create a natural appearance.
  • A special, blue dental light “cured” or hardened the composite to the tooth.
  • Finally, Dr. Medina polished the surface so it matched her teeth’s natural glossy finish.

Final Results

In just 11 months, less than the average Invisalign treatment length, Beverly’s smile was complete, and her results (as you can see in the picture) were worth showing off! To maintain her new smile, Dr. Medina fitted her with Vivera retainers, a clear plastic retainer that fits much like an Invisalign aligner tray. By wearing at night, or for just a few hours a day, Beverly can ensure her Invisalign results are maintained for years to come.

“I had a crazy crooked bottom tooth that was nearly impossible to floss well. It dramatically overlapped the tooth beside it. Most people probably never noticed it or cared, and I just put up with it over the decades. Getting that tooth (among others) to straighten up and fly right, I’m now delighted not to have to fuss with my very own leaning tower of Pisa. Really.” – Beverly

In Beverly’s case, as with other patients, more than one cosmetic treatment was needed to achieve the desired results. Sometimes, orthodontic solutions like Invisalign can’t solve all the aesthetic issues. Every patient’s smile is unique, so having a comprehensive dental provider like Dr. Medina and our staff guiding your smile makeover in Camden means that you can receive all the treatments you need for a beautiful smile under one roof, from the friendly faces you already know and trust.

Start Your Smile Makeover in Camden, ME

We were so happy to get to know Beverly and help her create a smile that matches her confidence and warmth. if you’re like Beverly, we can help! Through cosmetic treatments like Invisalign, dental bonding, professional whitening, and porcelain veneers, we can provide the complete services you need to not only have straighter teeth but a totally new, cohesive smile. Contact our Camden, ME, practice today to schedule your smile makeover consultation with Dr. Medina.

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