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Does Chantel Woitko have the prettiest smile ever? Today as she walked in, I knew this was going to be a fun day because Chantel has reached a milestone in her Invisalign journey. This is the day we are scheduled to take her Invisalign buttons off! She no longer has to wear her aligners 24×7 and will now be transitioning to Vivera Retainers by Invisalign to maintain her beautiful smile!

I was so taken by the moment I composed a song for her on the spot.  Good thing there where no recorders preset to record. Are you familiar with the tune of This Little Light of Mine? Same melody, different words.

This little smile of mine . . .
I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Hide it under a bush, oh no!!!
I’m gonna let it shine . . .

Is it like the most appropriate song ever? There is a bit more to the song, but I had to stop. We had work to do.

Do you have a smile that needs to shine?

Norman Medina DDS
Norman Medina DDS

Norman Medina DDS, graduated from Loma Linda University Dental School in 1994. He has been practicing dentistry in Midcoast Maine since 1994. He and his wife Lanita have four children.

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