Top 10 Worst States to Be a Dentist

Top 10 Worst States to Be a Dentist

We were relieved to see that the Pine Tree State didn’t make the list of Top 10 Worst States to Be a Dentist as part of a recent online article. Dr. Norman Medina, who has served the residents of Maine for 24 years, was equally glad to see how our state fared. So, what makes a state “great” to work in? Here, we explore who has the best and worst dental health by state.

State Rankings by Dental Product Report

The authors of the Top 10 article were quick to disclose that Top 10 lists are always contentious and open to debate. The criteria they used for their research included:

  • The number of dentists in the state
  • Mean annual wage
  • How affordable a state is to live in
  • Insurance coverage
  • Oral health

So, what are the worst states to be a dentist? Ranking at the bottom this year are Mississippi (48), Alabama (49), and Louisiana (50). Louisiana had the lowest average salary for a dentist ($126,030) and the highest crime rate. In 2017, Maine ranked 32nd. The Pine Tree State did well in terms of safety, making the top 10 in that field. The state also performed well in education and financial savviness. Around a third of Maine residents visited their dentist that year, according to the report.
Other rankings for our state that year include:

  • Median income: 30
  • Dental habits: 47
  • Education: 22
  • Oral health: 36
  • Overall well-being: 30
  • Percentage uninsured: 24
  • Cost of living: 38

The Dental Product Report was a fun read. We would rank Maine as one of the top states to work in because of the people, though. If you are looking for a dental practice that practices professional dental care with a friendly smile, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at Seasons of Smiles in Camden Maine.

States With the Best and Worst Dental Health

WalletHub recently compiled a list of states based on the oral hygiene habits of its residents. After noting that “prevention is cheaper than treatment,” the article went on to describe reasons patients forgo important preventative care. Dental phobia, concerns over procedure costs, and general forgetfulness can lead patients to put off cleanings and treatments.
Maine ranked 33rd while Wisconsin ranked as having the best oral health in the United States. Maybe it’s something about that cheese. While we’re on the topic of oral health and prevention, we should remind our readers that Seasons of Smiles offers multiple treatments to prevent and treat cavities and gum disease. We encourage all of our patients to have annual cleanings and exams performed at our Camden office. If Dr. Medina does find a cavity, he can treat it quickly and with minimal discomfort.

Schedule a Visit With our Camden Office

Now you know the worst states to be a dentist. Maybe there will be a Top 10 Maine Dental Offices article one day. Based on our stellar online reviews (average five out of five stars), we think we’d fare very well.
If you are looking for a family dentist, we provide treatment for your entire family starting from the first tooth. To schedule your next visit, please contact our office online or call us at (207) 236-4740.

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