Valerie’s new smile makeover.

Valerie’s new smile makeover.

Valerie’s new smile makeover.

In this short video, we discuss with Valerie her smile makeover. As you will see in the video, Valerie came to us with some interesting challenges, so although it took six months, she now can show off her smile with confidence. Most cases don’t take this long;  we are always willing to help you with any unusual situations you might have to help you create the smile you are looking for.

“Well I just want to say I think you have a beautiful smile.”
     “Thank you very much.”
“Thank you for letting us video the results of your smile makeover. We wanted others to see what your smile looks like. So what do you think?”
     “They feel wonderful. They feel like my own teeth.”

Thank you, Valerie, for allowing us to take a video of your beautiful smile.
If you are interested in how dentures are made, check out our denture FAQ links. Have you seen Mike’s smile video makeover?
Are your dentures or partial dentures in need of a make over?  Give us a call at (207) 236-4740

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