Which should you do first, Brush or Floss?

Which should you do first, Brush or Floss?

Brush or Floss? The chicken or the egg?
Should you brush before you eat, or eat before you brush?

Should you floss before you brush, or floss after you brush?  The first time I heard this question I had to laugh.  It reminded me of the chicken or the egg dilemma.  Which came first, the chicken or the egg? See Wikipedia on this discussions.
I prefer to floss then brush, but I have heard some convincing arguments on why it’s better to brush then floss.
I was reminded of this question when I stumbled across this blog in the New York Times.  The question can be asked, should you brush before you eat or brush after you eat?  In this blog, they give a convincing argument on why it may be better to brush BEFORE you eat.

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