Who is Dr. J? Phone number (207) 520-2475.

Who is Dr. J? Phone number (207) 520-2475.

Dr. J is retiring from practice, wants to transfer patients to Seasons of Smiles Dental
I received a message from Dr. J. a while back. He mentioned that he was retiring and was interested in transferring patients to our office.

I called and left my cell number but never heard back.  Who is Dr. J? Did I just get snookered? Why would anybody be interested in having my cell number?

Do you know who Dr. J is? Do you recognize the voice? Do you recognize the number (207) 520-02475?

(207) 520-xxxx.  Isn’t that from the Lewiston-Auburn area?


If you know anything about this call or if you recognize the number, please leave a message below.



Hi, you have reached Dr. J.

If this is a patient and this is a medical emergency, please hang up and dial 911.

Otherwise, please leave your name, and number and I will call you as soon as I can.

If this is a doctor, please leave your name and your cell phone number, so I can call you, or text you, ASAP.


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