(844) SOS-OUCH : Our new After Hours Dental Emergency Phone Number

(844) SOS-OUCH : Our new After Hours Dental Emergency Phone Number

We have a new after hours Emergency Number.  Our new after hours dental emergency phone number is

(844) SOS-OUCH

We have had a after hours dental emergency number for quite some time now. Our old number is (877) 437-2644. The old number is still active, and we continue to keep it active. So why the new number?

(844) SOS-OUCH or (844) 767-6824.
(844) SOS-OUCH or (844) 767-6824.

At Seasons of Smiles Dental we take our after hours emergency calls seriously.  As you may know as of 2015, we have added some new member to our dental team.  We are currently using an online service to help us serve our community better.  The company, may have a silly name, but we have been with them for awhile now, and we are big fans of their service.  While we were going through their database on grasshopper, updating email address and phone numbers of ALL our employees.  I noticed that grasshopper was offering vanity telephone numbers.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a number that would be easier to remember.
So, if you need to give us a call after hours.  The hard part to memorize is (844).  From there, SOS, which is the acronym for Seasons of Smiles, and the last past is the easiest, OUCH.  So if you need to reach out to ANY of our staff members by phone after hours, please give us a call. (844-SOS-OUCH).

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