Catch Up on Movies and More with Our Avegant Glyph

Catch Up on Movies and More with Our Avegant Glyph

We know. Sitting for 60 minutes or longer on a dentist chair with your mouth open probably doesn’t top the list of activities you get excited about. While lengthy procedures are critical to keeping your smile healthy, we have a new option for children and adults — Avegant Glyph. The low-profile headset allows you to catch up on television, sitcoms, and movies while Dr. Norman Medina or one of our staff members attend to your dental health. At Seasons of Smiles Dental in Camden Maine, we care about your comfort as well as your oral health. If you haven’t been to our office in a while, we welcome you to schedule a visit. And don’t forget to ask about reserving the Avegant Glyph!

How Does the Avegant Glyph Work?

We spent a lot of time researching video headsets. The market is full of great options. The Avegant Glyph worked best for our office because its low profile meant that Dr. Medina or one of our staff can still access the patient’s mouth easily while they are wearing the headset. It didn’t take long for our staff to realize that we had picked the right product. Our first “test subject” was a little boy who excitedly watched Toy Story throughout his procedure. The device is currently connected to Apple TV. We also have added Netflix as well!.
The Avegant Video Headset looks advanced, and it is! The device does not use a traditional screen. Rather, Avegant’s patented Retinal Imaging Technology mimics natural viewing through the use of LED projection onto millions of tiny mirrors. The results mean you are seeing, not simply watching. The technology’s lifelike clarity means that you cannot distinguish the image from the typical viewing world. You are immersed but still able to interact with your physical environment.

Avegant Glyph is fully adjustable for individuals who wear glasses. The optics compensate for most prescriptions, meaning you can enjoy your viewing experience without the need for glasses. Stream video, download content, play online games — you name it. The benefits of this high-tech gadget include:

  • Screenless display: The device’s advanced optics create unpixelated images for effortless viewing.
  • Long-term comfort: The unique Avegant Video Headset does the work for your eyes. The visual input is natural with no lag time. The results mean your eyes never fatigue.
  • No side effects: The Avegant Video Headset prevents eye strain, physical discomfort, and eyestrain that is often associated with head-mounted displays and other video headsets. The display allows you to relax and enjoy the show.

Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Medina (and the Avegant Glyph)

Our purchase of the Avegant Glyph is just a small part of our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional customer service and care. If you are new to our Camden Maine clinic, our services include:

If you haven’t been to our office in a while, we welcome you to schedule a visit by contacting us online or calling (207) 236-4740. Don’t forget to reserve our new Avegant Glyph!

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