5K Color run in Camden, Rockport Maine.

5K Color run in Camden, Rockport Maine.

5K Color run in Rockport, Camden Maine. Seasons of Smiles Dental 2017
Sessa Salas and Seasons of Smiles Dental – Color run in Rockport, Camden Maine

The Story of The Tu-Tooth Fairies.

Once upon a time, on a beautiful Sunday morning in Rockport Maine, Seasons of Smiles decided to take on a 5k fun color run to support People Place Cooperative Preschool.  Our office, along with some excited family members, donned tutus, wands, headbands, wings, wigs and colorful socks to get involved with our community.   Everyone would be wearing white and running through color stations, while event staff douses you with colored cornstarch.  I happened to hear one of our hygienists say, “hey, why are we the only ones in costume?”   Our answer was, “it’s more fun this way!” Some of us walked, and some ran (when the camera was on), but we all laughed and had a great time.

About a quarter ways through, we were greeted by Rosalie Joy’s Bakery with lovely boxes of cinnamon rolls that were to be donated at the finish line.   She asked us to carry them along with us.  Dr. Medina promotes a no sugar diet, but we had high hopes.  It has to be someone’s birthday, somewhere!  Sweet rolls as a reward made us move a little faster, but, sadly, event helpers took them away from us.  That’s ok; we knew we could keep going and be rewarded at the finish line!

As we started hitting the color stations, Dr. Medina started breaking all the rules.  “Sorry, not sorry!” was his mantra as he took cups off the tables and gave back a little color to the event staffers.  We were nearing the finish line, as we jogged a little, to get away from Dr. Medina’s last cup of red coloring that he carried along for fun.  Quick! There is an event staffer who still has a white shirt!  The Tu-tooth fairies can take care of that!

As we headed for the sweet rolls, I mean the finish line; we were greeted with more color and smiles from those who finished ahead of us.  It turns out that we walked a little too much and ended up at the end of the race.  The cinnamon rolls were gone.  Dr. Medina smiled at us in victory through colored teeth as we thanked the event coordinator, Jezabel (Sessa) Salas, and we hung up our wings until next year.

Rockport Color Run Sunday, June 4, 2017


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