Dental Consultants

Dental Consultants

Thank you Kristin Pelletier from all of us at Seasons of Smiles Dental.
Thank you, Kristin Pelletier, from all of us at Seasons of Smiles Dental.

January of this year 2013, when we went to Yankee Dental, I took a class from Dr. Levin from the Levin Group, Inc.  I can’t remember why I signed up for the class, all I know as I listened to the lecture is that I felt overwhelmed.  There was so much information that I didn’t know, information that I wanted to know.  Questions that had to do with the business side of dentistry.  As I listened to his lecture, I became aware of the concept of a dental coach.

I want a dental coach.

I know there are personal trainers that can help you with losing weight or trainers for riding bikes, where they help you peddle faster, farther, better.  I have never had a coach, I have been tempted many times.  But a coach for dentists?  What a neat idea.  I decided that it would be neat to have a dental coach.  Have you ever been in that situation where a “want” changes to a “need”? All I know is that the idea of a dental personal trainer went from a basic want to a basic need.

I need a dental Coach.

The search began.  It was a long path searching and asking and interviewing and looking at websites. One helpful document that I found is the Directory of Dental Practice Management Consultants. One reason that I liked this list was that it was put out by the American Dental Association, so I felt I could trust the list.
To make a long story short we signed up with Kristin at KP Consulting.  We are one month into this project, and Kristin just spent two days visiting the office.  She went through our practice from top to bottom.  She started by helping us set up three systems, systems that are unique to our practice.  I think there are many directions she could have gone, and her recommendations are customized to our office.  I love that! These systems help us serve our patients better.
Have you ever had one of those “aha” moments, where the little light comes on?  I remember having that moment when I started using the intraoral camera.  I guess I’m a little thick headed.  The light didn’t come on till AFTER I bought the camera.  But once I started showing our patients pictures of their teeth, and I saw the patients’ reaction, that they were able to ‘see’ what I was suggesting for their treatment, I saw how much the camera could help our patients. And that’s when the little light came on.  That was one of those times I had one of those “aha” moments.
These last two days working with Kristin I’ve been filled with many of these “aha ” moments.  Moments when I knew that there are so many better ways to do things, that will not only help the office but more importantly, help our patients.
And for all of this, thank you, Kristin, at KP Consulting.

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