2021 has an “It” winter accessory- But who started the Carhartt Beanie trend?

2021 has an “It” winter accessory- But who started the Carhartt Beanie trend?

Instagram, often referred to as “Facebook for Millennials” (source: me, 2021) is a fun way to look at photos – pictures range from those of your high school classmate’s babies to elaborately decorated cakes.

If you have Instagram and a working pair of eyeballs, you’ll have noticed a certain hat taking over your feed this winter. Adorning the heads of hipsters, moms, and brand new babies alike, this no-frills hat has taken the internet by storm!

Carhartt Beanie Trend

Below on the left, it adorns the head of the coolest librarian I know, Mason Neil. Beside him, Cooper Dean Pitts takes some of his first steps into this world looking like a fly gentleman. Next, we have Zach Owen, Camp Lawroweld’s finest male model.

And these are just my friends! Influencers have been popping up in them, generating thousands of “likes.” They’re even beginning to show up on celebrities, like Rihanna!

But where did this craze begin, you ask? Yes, the hats seem great at keeping our chilly domes warm in the winter, and the price point is *chef’s kiss* excellent! But SURELY, there must be a ground zero for where this trend began…You are ABSOLUTELY right. And here, in breaking news, I present to you- Norman Medina

Commonly known as the gentle dentist at Seasons of Smiles, Dr. Medina has many feathers in his cap.

Professionally, he wows his patients with his crowns in a day, and with the new technology that allows a 3D image of your teeth to appear on the computer in front of you while you discuss treatment options.

Personally, he’s known for his gorgeous photographs of Camden Harbor, and he repeatedly astounds with his ability to consistently hit everything right on the golf course. Yes, it’s called a slice 🙂

Now, however, we must add “international trendsetter” to his resume!

Dr. Medina is quick to divert his coolness level to someone else. “Ben got the beanie for me! Ben’s the cool one!” This author tracked down her brother, Ben Medina, for his take on the matter. Ben immediately deflected the glory, stating (on the record) “Dad’s been talking Carhartt since before your wedding.” This, my friends, was over five years ago!

Need further proof? Here’s another picture of pops leading the trend- looking fresh while getting vaccinated! Now THAT’S a hot combo!

Although the media may attribute the rise in Carhartt’s popularity to Drake or Kanye, the argument can also be made for Norman Medina, who actually sleeps in his Carhartt. Let’s all keep an eye on this hip dentist to see what other trends he brings to the masses as 2021 progresses.

Interested in your own Carhartt hat? Seasons of Smiles wants to keep your teeth looking gorgeous while your head stays warm! Schedule an office visit in March 2021 and mention to Dr. Medina that you read this blog post and he will give you your very own Carhartt beanie!

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