Questions about how to save money at the dentist?

Questions about how to save money at the dentist?

We’ve got an answer.

Everybody likes to save money, right? Isn’t that why Black Friday is so exciting? The opportunity to save a little bit of cash turns people into shopping zombies. Well here’s a better way to save money –and on something even more important than a new flat screen TV: a Dental Savings Plan (DSP). When it comes to saving money, discovering smarter ways to save on health costs (like routine, emergency, or restorative dental care) is one of the best ways to save money on what matters most: you and your family’s health! Unfortunately, many patients don’t think about paying for dental treatments until something bad (and usually expensive) happens — like breaking a tooth, needing a root canal, or losing a tooth.  Do something good for your dental health today (and I don’t mean just brushing and flossing – though hopefully you’ll do those things, too); invest in Seasons of Smiles Dental Savings Plan today for dental cost savings!

What’s a Dental Savings Plan? 

First things first: dental savings plans are not dental insurance. Unlike insurance which pays for a portion of your dental care (or in some cases, for all of your dental care) dental savings plans are a discount program; patients receive discounts on certain treatments because of their participation in the savings plan. DSPs are for families, retirees, or individuals who want to try and save money on routine or restorative dental work. They’re usually pretty affordable (most plans will end up costing about $100-150 a year), and are a great way to prepare for more costly procedures for those patients with or without dental insurance.

So how does it work?

Most plans are pretty straightforward: after you enroll in a plan supported by your local dentist, you just show your membership card to the receptionist when you arrive at your dental appointment. They will use your information to discount or cover any of the day’s services. While free cleanings and examinations are a valuable perk, the discounts on more costly treatments, like dentures or dental crowns, can be well worth the annual fees of membership. At Seasons of Smiles, we offer our own membership plan called Dental Savings Plan – It’s Simple (because it is!) 

What are the benefits?

DSPs are a great option for patients who may not have dental insurance coverage. They help make dental care more affordable and give you peace of mind that you’re actively preparing in case of a costly dental emergency.  But, DSPs are also great for patients with insurance! Unlike your dental insurance policy, DSPs don’t feature any of the confusing terminology, such as deductibles, pre-existing conditions, maximums, or waiting periods. They also don’t have an annual limit on how often you can use your plan, so you can feel free to visit the dentist as needed, without worrying about reaching any annual limits. At Seasons of Smiles, our membership plan offers patients a list of benefits, including:

What does it cost?

Our Dental Savings Plan membership is quite affordable when compared to many dental insurance policies. Individual membership is $349/year (or $33.25/month). To enroll any additional family members, the cost is just $299/year (or $29/month).  

How can I enroll?

For more information on Dental Savings Plan—It’s Simple, simply contact our Camden practice. A member of our Seasons of Smiles staff can help you enroll and start saving today!

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