Dentures FAQ – The Fourth Visit

Dentures FAQ – The Fourth Visit

We have set the photos up as a slide show, if you press on the photo, you can proceed slide by slide and read the captions to get an idea what we did for the day.
On the last visit, we took the wax rims and sent them off to Eliason Dental Lab in Portland, Maine. They took the wax rims and replaced the wax with the teeth we custom selected for Mike’s new smile. These dentures may look real, but only the teeth are real, everything else is wax. I have heard stories of patients taking their wax dentures home to show their families and drinking hot coffee! As you can imagine, the wax melts — a dental horror story!

We check for minor adjustments before the final process.

The reason for today’s visit is to check everything before the final processing. We can still make changes, readjust the bite if necessary, do any final tweaks needed before we have the final dentures fabricated. Everything looks right on, and we are happy from the start.
We have a pleasant surprise at the end of the visit, as Tim Beals of Eliason Dental Labs happens to stop by to check on how we are doing. Tim Beals and Eliason Dental Labs volunteered to do all Mike’s dental lab work as a courtesy. So many times the lab gets no feedback, so I was glad that Tim got to see what a great job they are doing. We at Seasons of Smiles Dental also want to shout out to Julie Skelton at Eliason Dental labs for a job well done!

We quickly package the wax dentures and ask Tim to take them back to the lab. That worked out nice! I’m sure the box will be sitting on Julie’s desk tomorrow morning for the final process where they convert the wax denture into its permanent form.

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