Dentures FAQ – The Third Visit

Dentures FAQ – The Third Visit

We have set the photos up as a slide show, if you press on the photo, you can proceed slide by slide and read the captions to get an idea what we did for the day.
In today’s visit, the first thing we do is check to see how Mike is doing. The extraction sites are healing nicely. I’m happy for Mike: he will never have another tooth ache, ever again.

Remold, Reshape, Recontour

The lab has sent us upper and lower wax rims for today’s visit. The wax rims are a starting point: we take the wax rims and remold, reshape, recontour them to the shape we think would be ideal for Mike’s mouth.
Also in this visit, we select the teeth that will be used on Mike’s dentures. I love looking at teeth! Whenever I meet anybody who works with denture teeth, I am always asking, what are the prettiest teeth out there? In my opinion, the best-looking teeth in 2013 are Portrait IPN by Dentsply. While taking a denture course, I was fortunate enough to go on tour at the Dentsply factory in York, Pennsylvania, where the Portrait IPN teeth are made. The teeth are made of layers, with depth and “personality” — because of this; they are just beautiful! At today’s visit, we also pick the shape of the tooth and the color. Mike likes the idea of having a lighter color. He picks a Portrait P1 for his color.

We are done for the day! We will be sending this off to Eliason Dental Lab. Thank you, Julie Skelton, for all your help; Eliason Dental Lab has offered to do this work for us at no charge. They can be reached at
Eliason Dental Lab
190 Riverside St., Unit 6B
Portland ME 04103
(207) 774-7881

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