Do you remember what life was life before Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Do you remember what life was life before Digital Smile Design (DSD)?


Dr. Medina attends Digital Smile Design Residency 2 in Sau Paulo, Brazil January 27-30, 2020
Dr. Medina attends DSD Digital Smile Design Residency II in Sau Paulo, Brazil January 27-30, 2020

Or, do you remember life before cell phones?

I do. Or, how about having to put the film in your camera?  Or, do you remember what life was like before cable TV, or how about life before microwave ovens? Do you remember what it was like listening to your favorite tunes for the first time on a compact disk (CD)?  I do.
Or better yet, how fun it is getting stuff off Amazon? Do you remember what it was like, having to run down to Radio Shack or Walmart to pick up a few items? Computers have improved our lives in significant ways.
Well, the same thing is happening in dentistry.  Computers are making a HUGE impact.  As a dentist, It’s a fun and exciting time to see all that Digital Design can do for your smile.
This may sound a bit techy, but did you know we can now design your smile virtually in the cloud?  Not only can we do it in 2D, but we can do it in 3D as well.  The designs are done ahead of time. We can see what your smile will look like beforehand. One new product, with this idea in mind that we got to see for the very first time, is ModJaw.  With this product, we can now record your jaw movement or occlusal envelope.  We can then see how crowns, veneers, and bridges will work with your jaw movement BEFORE any dental work is ever done. In addition to that, another great tool that we got to see live was Tekscan.
It may seem a bit overkill to take dental continuing education in Brazil, but nobody is showing the way better the Digital Smile Design. I am grateful that I got to attend the DSD Residency II in Sao Paulo, Brazil January 27-30, 2020.
Thank you to the Coachman family, and everyone on the Digital Smile Design team for putting the DSD Residency program together, and to the Well Clinic, for hosting the event. Thank you for your graciousness and hospitality. #Obrigado  #DSD #DSDResidency #DSDResidencyII


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