The house needs a new coat of paint.

The house needs a new coat of paint.

Color Scheme from our old website.
Color scheme from our old website.

Have you ever walked around your home, and you can see that the Maine winters have been hard;  the combination of wind, cold and wet has blistered the paint, and the color has lost a bit of its original luster.
This summer, I started having that same feeling with our website. Our website currently has 227 pages and 127 posts. It definitely has grown through the years. As I bounced through the different areas of the website, I decided it needed some new luster.
Have you ever had to choose and pick the perfect paint for your home?  Boy, that can be a challenge.  It’s not just the one main color you have to worry about, but trying to get the different trim colors to blend in perfect harmony with your main color.  It’s kind of like music.  You can see it just as easily as you can hear it.  You know when it’s out of tune.
It can seem like too much work! Well, it was the same challenge with my website design colors. To be honest with you, it was beyond me.  It seemed like there should be some mathematical model or a color wheel that pops them out. After working on it for months on end, I couldn’t figure it out.
I needed help.
It’s been a fews years now that we have been working with Adventure Advertising here in Camden. I have been working with Ben McGinnis, and I explained to him I needed help “repainting” our website. And, I wanted new colors. It was amazing how quick he came up with this:  Press here to see the PDF that Ben sent us.  Ben has done this a few times for me now, so I trust his choices for my website.  While talking to Ben, he stated that the colors he used were to convey “effervescence”, “freshness”, “clean”, “crisp”.

  Effervescence?  Really?

I had to go look it up in the dictionary.  I didn’t say anything to Ben, but I was laughing internally. He was describing mouth rinse colors.   How could I argue with that? I love those colors!
That was so much fun, we’re already talking about our next iteration of colors.
Check out the colors across different websites associated with our office.

I’m sure many of you know Ben from his work.   If you have a chance to walk around town you will notice this years poster for US National Toboggan Championships.  Ben did the poster for 2014.  It really is a beautiful piece of artwork.  Press here to get a glimpse.
Thanks Ben for all your help.

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