Top 5 Tips For a Standout Dental Website

Top 5 Tips For a Standout Dental Website

Top 5 Tips For a Standout Dental Website

At Seasons of Smiles Dental, we strive to provide quality blog content that is educational, informative, and entertaining. We value the relationships we have built with our patients in Camden, ME, and our blog is an important tool for keeping our customers engaged with advances in oral hygiene or fun stories from our clients and staff. Many of our online articles were penned by Dr. Norman Medina himself! As part of our passion for quality dental blogging, we compiled these Top 5 tips for a standout dental website based on our many years of experience. If you are starting your own website or looking to revamp an old one, these pieces of advice can help you stand out. Remember, many of your new patients will have their first impression of your dental clinic based on your website.


You can think of content as the individual blog’s subject matter. Newspapers and magazines often refer to their publications as having “engaging content.” For dental websites, content should be informative and fun. When drafting blog ideas, it may be helpful to ask oneself if the patient (ie the reader) can take the information from the blog and apply it to his or her daily oral hygiene habits. If you follow Seasons of Smiles’ weekly blogs, then you know we include topics like:

Try to strike a balance between being accessible and informative. Even complex dental procedures can be explained in simple terms that anyone can understand. Similarly, the entertainment value needs to be balanced with informative content. Leave the celebrity gossip and social commentary to the glossy magazines.


How your dental website looks can be just as important as the quality of the content. Layout refers to the combination of visual factors (font type, spacing, background color, arrangement) that determine how clean your website looks. If your website has a dark background, that can make reading text difficult to read, for example. If your website is cluttered, that can make your blogs hard to read and distracting.
In general, include neutral colors that tend toward the blue side of the color spectrum and large, hi-res photos for all your blogs. The Stein Center for Advanced Dentistry has a great layout. The text is centered nicely, the font is inviting, and the white, black, and blue color scheme is relaxing on the eyes. Here’s an example from their dental website.

Embedded Multimedia

Is your dental website telling first-person stories? If not, you may be missing out on a key authenticity factor that other dentists are using. Embedding YouTube videos into your website is one great way to boost website appeal. Your video will also gain viewers on YouTube, doubling your online visibility. Integrated Dentistry in Bentonville, AR often uses personal YouTube testimonials as part of its weekly blogging series. Notice how the blog content compliments the video while the video adds life to the blog content.

Personalize Your Stories

Anyone who finds your website will be judging your dental clinic based on your website and blog content. That potential new customer may be looking for a family dentist or a dentist they can trust to perform important restorative treatments. They are looking for you to tell YOUR story. Your about page should have a personal and conversational tone that doesn’t sound like a corporate sales pitch. Similarly, your blog content should occasionally include patient testimonials or updates about the office. This small detail humanizes your dental clinic, making it more inviting for someone who hasn’t yet stepped foot into your office. Dr. Julie Glud in Lombard, IL has a great “about” page.


Finally, make sure that everything about your website says quality. That is easy to say and harder to do, of course. We’ve made the task a little easier by outlining the four previous tips for you. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to providing a quality experience for your patients online as well as in your dental office. Dr. Bill Dorfmann has a slick website that many dentists would envy.

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Remember, many of your new patients will come across your website long before they shake hands in your office. Taking these five simple steps into account is one way to ensure that you are presenting the same level of care and quality online that you deliver to your patients in your office.

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