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Hey There Everyone,
I’m Swen Halverson, and I specialized in video production for dentists. I’m taking over Dr. Medina’s blog today, to tell y’all about how I put together a video for him, using some of Seasons Of Smiles best reviews. Here it is, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

So, without further ado here’s how I created the video.

Step 1 – Find Some Good Reviews

The first step was to gather up some good 5-star reviews. I usually limit the number of reviews I use to about 4 or 5, and thanks to Seasons Of Smiles excellent reputation, the only hard part was choosing which ones to use. I eventually settled on 4 of the most recent ones, from Google, Yelp, and Facebook, and one video testimonial, Dr. Medina had on his Youtube channel.

Step 2 – Gather Logos, and Images, and Videos

The next step was gathering up some logos, images, and videos to use in the production. So I went on his Website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel to look over what was available.

Dr. Medina had a lot of nice aerial drone footage of the Camden area on his Youtube channel, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the video. And I was also delighted to find up to date photos of Dr. Medina and his staff available to work with.

I didn’t end up using it in the video, but I got a kick out of watching Dr. Medina and his staff going crazy in this gif, It’s always nice to see a workplace where everyone is having fun!

Seasons of Smiles Dental - Our Staff 2016 GIF

Seasons of Smiles Dental – Our Staff 2016 GIF

Step 3 – Pick Out Some Good Music

I make a lot of videos, so I’m always looking for good music, and the best option for me so far has been www.soundstripe.com, They have an excellent selection of top quality music available for $15 a month.

For this video, I wanted something cinematic, and uplifting, and the song
“My Childhood” – By Adrian Walther worked out nicely.

Step 4 – Edit Everything Together

The second to last step was editing everything together, into a finished video. I put together Dr. Medina’s Logo and Contact info and created Titles, and lower thirds in Adobe Photoshop, making sure everything fit in with his website and branding, then I animated everything together, in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Swen Halverson Productions using Adobe Premiere Pro. Video Production for Dentists.

Swen Halverson Productions using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Step 5 – Upload The Video, And Rank It In Google

The last step was to upload the video and rank it in google, So anyone looking up Seasons Of Smiles reviews would see the video. This process includes naming the video correctly, adding in a full description, and generally making it easy for Google to know what a video is about.

Swen Halverson Productions using Adobe Premiere Pro. Video Production for Dentists. Ranking Dental Reviews on Google. Seen Halverson does his major.

Ranking Dental Reviews on Google.

I hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes at the process of creating Seasons Of Smiles’ Review Video.

-Now, Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming.

Swen Halverson
Swen Halverson

Swen Halverson is the Owner and Video Marketing Specialist at Swen Halverson Productions, when not creating videos or setting up Facebook and YouTube video ads for dentists, and other local businesses, he enjoys singing and spending time with his niece and nephews.

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