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We are coming up on our second anniversary of offering our “in office Quality Dental Plan (QDP)” to our patients who do not have dental insurance. In our office, about 40% of our patients do have dental insurance which leaves 60% without.  What we offer is even better than dental insurance, with QDP you can join any time of year, it has great benefits, and our patients love it!

Is QDP better than Dental Insurance?

It is always so nice to have new patients or even emergency patients come in and to tell them that if you join our dental plan today, all of today’s charges are part of that plan and then share all the other benefits with them.

What I like best about our Quality Dental Plan is that it is simple and very easy to explain to our patients.

I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding this wonderful dental plan! Here is a quick comparison between QDP and insurance:

Quality Dental Plan features:
  • QDP includes savings on all dental procedures as well as dental specialty services, including cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. Save 10% on your Invisalign smile.
  • No annual limits – QDP patients enjoy savings all dental care services, all year long.
  • QDP starts immediately, no waiting
  • No tiresome paperwork hassles – QDP patients enjoy fast, prompt service from their local dental office.
  • No dental restrictions
  • An extremely affordable membership fee
  • Available directly to individuals, families, businesses, and groups
Dental Insurance features:
  • Limitations, deductibles, and annual maximums
  • Waiting periods for major dental procedures
  • A time-consuming written claims process
  • Many limitations/exclusions on pre-existing conditions
  • Certain dental procedures, such as cosmetic dentistry, are rarely covered if covered at all.
  • Consumers can expect to pay expensive monthly premiums for defined coverage
  • Typically inaccessible to individuals and families unless provided by their employer

Comparing Quality Dental Plan with Dental Insurance may be like comparing apples to oranges.  They may not be the same, but you may find that QDP is the answer to your dental insurance needs. – Dr Medina

Please give our office a call to schedule your appointment today.

Nellie Clark
Nellie Clark

Nellie Clark is a long time resident of Searsport, Maine. She has worked for Dr. Medina at Seasons Of Smiles in Camden Maine for the last 16 years as a receptionist. One of her many hobbies is painting on slate. She loves to walk on the beach at Sears Island and search for sea glass and treasures!

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