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These Jimmy Kimmel candy videos are some of our favorites here at Seasons of Smiles! Every year we think it will be the last, as kids are finally starting to catch on, but this video was one of the most entertaining yet. From screaming and crying to a very convincing heart attack, these kids really show their disappointment at the thought of losing their candy. Who knew losing your skittles could be so devastating? Watch Jimmy, the kids and the parents in this Jimmy Kimmel Live! new video and use the comment box bellow to tell us what you think!

Jimmy Kimmel Candy Video 2015

Benjamin Medina RN
Benjamin Medina RN

Ben is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Medina. Although Ben Medina was raised in Camden Maine, he currently resides in Kettering Ohio. He is full-time Emergency Room Nurse in Kettering Medical Center.

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