Maine publisher shuts down 4 weeklies.

Maine publisher shuts down 4 weeklies.

This picture is of a Village Soup Sign in Camden Maine.
Village Soup – Camden Maine

We at Seasons of Smiles Dental were saddened to hear about the closure of all Village NetMedia publications.  The Republican Journal was founded in 1829. The Courier-Gazette started in 1846 and the Camden Herald in 1870. The Bar Harbor Times is nearly 100 years old. The Capital Weekly was started after 1991.
I just want to thank Village Soup for all that you did for our community.  As the years progressed, we became big fans of Village Soup online.  Everything we posted was picked up by Google.  It was a great platform to promote our products on the internet.  We never took the time to send you a thank you note, until now.  Our thoughts go out to all 56 employees and their families through these trying times.  Norman Medina DDS
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Knox Village Soup
Bangor Daily News

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