Nellie Clark Celebrates Her 20-Year Anniversary!

Nellie Clark Celebrates Her 20-Year Anniversary!

Anyone who has visited our dental practice over the past 20 years has had the pleasure of being greeted by a valued member of our team — Nellie Clark.

Nellie celebrating 20th anniversary at Seasons of Smiles
In honor of Nellie, we went out for lunch at Sea Dog Brewing Company in Camden, ME.

Nellie Clark’s warm, caring, and often funny personality has helped our dental practice grow into the successful business that it is today. She handles all of our patients’ needs while keeping our staff uplifted and entertained. Nellie Clark joined our team on May 10, 1999. Our business was known as Gentle Dental then, and Nellie said she was drawn to the office because it was small and very family- and patient-friendly.

“It didn’t have the usual dental office feel,” she recalled. “It was very warm and inviting! I had never worked in the dental field and thought it would be fun to learn something new, and I certainly have.”

Over the years, it was the people she saw and worked with who inspired her to stay. She’s quick to note that she loves her work, whether she is solving an insurance issue or helping a patient finance a new smile. The work, she said, is “rewarding and inspiring.”

“My favorite part of my job is seeing patients come through the door and getting caught up with them on what has been happening in their lives,” she said. “I have watched their children grow up. They have shared great news with me, and they also have shared many sad events. New patients are great too, they all have a story to tell, and I love listening to them! Our patients are like family, and it is a pleasure to work with them and to help them with all of their dental needs.”

Here are just a few of the personal tributes our staff wanted to share about Nellie Clark.

“Everybody loves Nellie. She is soft-spoken, funny, and caring. She has great communication skills. Our patients come to the office to talk and visit with Nellie.”

“Nellie is easy going, and she is always accommodating our patients.”

“Nellie is friendly, helpful, and caring. One thing that should be added is that Nellie helps the other area dentists with deliveries to the lab to help expedite patient cases.”

“Nellie is a fun, loving coworker. She is excellent with both patients and office staff. She is amazing at running the front office and never seems to stress, even when she has 10 different things going on at once. She always stays calm. One thing that I always notice about Nellie is that she cares about the patients on a personal level. She always checks in to see how the patients family members are, whether they are not feeling well, getting ready for a wedding or a move, or just seeing if they are enjoying their garden this year. She knows all of them on a very personal level, and I think people consider her a friend when they come into the office.”

“My two younger daughters have worked in the dental office through the years. So I not only see Nellie through my eyes but through my daughters’ eyes as well. They have spent a considerable amount of time with Nellie at the front desk. And my daughters just LOVE Nellie. Nellie has a wicked sense of humor. When her humor is directed at you, she can take subtle tiny swipes that you don’t even feel, but she just keeps going and going. Even though she is making fun of you, she does it while laughing with you, and not at you. I think. 🙂 ”
Dr. Medina

As you can see, at Seasons of Smiles, we care for our fellow staff members as much as we care for our valued patients. We believe that a supportive and friendly office culture leads to better customer service and better patient outcomes. You can tell a lot about the quality of a dental practice by how satisfied its employees and healthcare professionals are.

If you are ready to experience a different type of dentistry, one that greets customers with sincere smiles and the occasional joke, then please contact our Camden, ME office online or call (207) 236-4740. We are always welcoming new patients.

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