Nellie Clark and Dr. Medina celebrate 15 years!

Nellie Clark and Dr. Medina celebrate 15 years!

May 10, 1999 Nellie started working with Dr. Medina in Camden Maine
Nellie Clark started working with Dr. Medina in Camden, May 10, 1999.

Dear Nellie, Where has the time gone! It seems like only yesterday that we started working together. Now that it has been 15 years since we have worked together, I just wanted to thank you for all your years of service and hard work as our office receptionist.
I have always felt fortunate knowing that you are the first person people meet when they come into the office and the first voice they hear when they call the office. Your inter-relational skills and the rapport that you build with our patients is greatly appreciated.
I am in awe of your attendance, even though you drive from Searsport Maine, 45 minute commute, you are always at the office on time. Thank you for your faithfulness.
Through the years as you have worked at my office and have met my family, your kindness towards them (baby-sitting isn’t in your job description but you did it happily when needed) and even having a  “MFM” or “My favorite Medina!” (Krista is everybody’s favorite!) has shown what a high quality person you are.  We appreciate you!
I look foreword to the next 15 years!
Respectfully yours,
Norman Medina, DDS

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