New dental scrubs at the office.

New dental scrubs at the office.

Time for new dental scrubs but what is the plug on scrubs these days?
Those of you that work in various medical fields are familiar with the attire worn by health care professionals every day known as scrubs. In the 1940s awareness of the importance of having a clean operating room to avoid wound infection became apparent. Part of that sanitary transition was for the rooms to be “scrubbed” clean and for medical personnel to wear white wrapped gowns. In the 1950s and 60s, the operating room was so overwhelmed in white that it strained the eyes thus the introduction of scrubs in other colors besides white. Today scrubs can be seen in every color in a plethora of patterns and styles but still simple and easy to launder.

Nursing uniforms through the years
Is it time for new dental scrubs?.

Well, we’ve come a long way baby!

Challenges of ordering matching scrubs for everyone in the office while being courteous of everyone’s preference and size is not an easy task. I don’t think that everyone is picky in general, but when considering wearing this particular clothing every week, it needs to be something loved for a LONG time.
If you have seen our website recently, then you have seen us in our glorious new dental scrubs. We all wear the same color, but each day it’s a different color. It was clear that we needed to retire the most worn set. I took on the job of coordinating with the team to choose the perfect new dental scrubs.

I thought, “How hard can this be? I’ll just narrow down a color, a style, collect everyone’s sizes and then place the order. Piece of cake.” Wow, was I wrong.

Weeks later I’m still chatting up the scrubs with the members of the team using photos and brands. The color was the easiest. Everyone liked the color wine with white shirts. We decided on a similar style to our current scrubs. I collected sizes and placed the order. After two weeks the order had not arrived. I call and find out most of it is back ordered. Weeks went by, and no scrubs arrived. More phone calls to track them down.

Scrubs finally arrive!

Half of the team hates them because the material is all wrong.  I return them all and order a different material from another company, Scrubs and Beyond, the same color. They arrive with only one piece missing. We are getting closer to perfect. When we try them on half the team needs a different size. I return the wrong sizes and request the correct ones. Finally, the missing piece arrives and the rest in correct sizes.
Everyone is happy. Success!
As you can see, click here, we are gorgeous in our new scrubs! When you come into the office give us a shout out if we are wearing the new scrubs because it was quite a feat to get them and have everyone love them.

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