Nitrous Oxide, gas (hoof hearted) in Camden Maine

Nitrous Oxide, gas (hoof hearted) in Camden Maine

Ben Medina and his Pops (hoof hearted in camden Maine)
Ben Medina and his Pops – (hoof hearted in camden Maine)

As you may know, Lanita and I have four kids. They have all left home now, but one of my sweetest memories is sitting around the dinner table listening to my kids’ humor. Somehow, they seem to feed off each other–one would start the rift, and the next one would then chime in. My kids do love a good laugh. Before long they will all be HOWLING, more often than not at something slightly inappropriate. All the while mom is telling them to stop while trying not to laugh herself. Sweet memories.
Case in point. What is it with flatulance humor and little boys?  I’ve seen my son laugh to the point where I feared he may hurt himself.  A few years back my son told me about this YouTube video he had seen #HoofHearted. Check out the YouYube video below. Where does this boy get his humor?

Next time I talk to him on the phone I’ll have to tell him: “son, do you remember that horse race you told me about where the horse’s name was ‘hoof hearted?’ Are you curious to see what will pop up when you search ‘hoof hearted in Camden Maine?’ Google it!” For those of you who are tech savvy, this is a bit of a Seasons of Smiles Dental / Google Easter egg.

On a serious note, do dental visits make you nervous or do you dread having dental work done? Are you putting off seeing the dentist?  You may want to try Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas. It may be what you’re looking for, and it may have you howling harder than “hoof hearted”. I must admit, it’s a very popular item with a lot of our patients.

So, who has laughing gas in Camden Maine?  We do.


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