OraVerse – Reverse numbness twice as fast.

OraVerse – Reverse numbness twice as fast.

Oraverse - Can numbness be reversed?
Oraverse – Can numbness be reversed?

While at Yankee Dental this year I had half a day to walk through the convention floor.  I systematically started on one end and booth by booth, made my way to the other end.  While walking through I saw the booth by Septodent.  We are fans of their products and I have been hearing about a product that they have called OraVerse.

What is Oraverse?

Your patient wants and needs to get on with their life without that numb, drooling, distorted face feeling. OraVerse is the only local anesthesia reversal agent that accelerates the return to normal sensation and function for patients who want to avoid the unwanted and unnecessary lingering soft tissue numbness after routine dental procedures

How does OraVerse work?  It is a VasoDilator and it helps by allowing your body to flush out the lidocaine quicker.  Press here for a downloadable PDF on OraVerse.
Yes please, sign me up.  I would like to have this at our office to offer our patients.  If this is a concern for you or your loved one please let us know.  As of February 2016, we are hoping to have this product on hand.

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