Seasons of Smiles Joins Forces to Spread Smiles on Valentine’s Day

Seasons of Smiles Joins Forces to Spread Smiles on Valentine’s Day

Staff at Seasons of Smiles Dental helps out with dentists with a heart.
Seasons of Smiles – Helps out with Dentist with a Heart.

Dentists in Knox County joined forces to bring smiles to local people in time for Valentine’s Day.
Several dental offices came together to support the Dentists with a Heart event, building on the success of last year’s free dental day. This year, the free clinics took place on February 3rd, and hundreds of people benefited from local dentists giving up their time and expertise.

More than 17 dentists and 45 dental assistants and hygienists volunteered their time to provide a range of dental treatments, and in total, more than $46,000 worth of dental services were donated during the day.

Offices participating in the event witnessed an increase in the number of patients seeking free dental treatment. Dentists say that the recession and increased cost of living have hit families hard and free clinics are fast becoming the only means of some people getting the treatment they need.

The free clinics were designed to help residents involved in the Knox County Dental Program.

The program is run by Knox County Health Clinic, a non-profit organization, which provides reduced rate dental and medical care.

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