Sending videos to Glidewell Dental Lab.

Sending videos to Glidewell Dental Lab.

Do you need to send a video to the Glidewell Dental Lab located in southern California?   It’s December 2020 and we are having problems communicating with the lab. To clarify my problem I created the two videos below.  The two videos show exactly the problem that I am having.

The Astratech EV UniDriver is not working as expected. If I could just show this video to the lab technician, I think they would know exactly what my problem is.

Are you ready for this? You CANNOT send videos to  Glidewell Dental Lab. The year is 2020.  They have disabled all video playback in their labs. They do have an online portal where you can upload photos, STL, and DICOM films, but you cannot upload videos.

You can send them Youtube Links, you can send them videos via email, but it is of no use.  They have disabled and video playback in their labs. I do hope in the future that Glidewell will address this shortcoming.

Video #1

Video #2

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