The why to your what – Dental Purpose Statement

The why to your what – Dental Purpose Statement

Kristin Pelletier with KP Consulting
Kristin Pelletier with KP Consulting

I love the quote by Simon Sinek, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
Have you ever thought about the why to what you do each day? Dr. Medina and Seasons of Smiles Dental has.
A dental practice knowing their why is so important. As a patient, you aren’t buying root canals and crowns and cleanings, you’re purchasing the belief behind Dr. Medina’s recommendations.
As owner and practice management coach of KP Consulting, I work with Dr. Medina and his team throughout the year, and I recently challenged them to reaffirm the why to their what.
If Dr. Medina is your dentist, you should be feeling pretty great about that right now. Why? Because on my last visit to Camden, I worked with Dr. Medina and the team at Seasons of Smiles on their Dental Purpose Statement … or the what to their why. And the Purpose Statement they constructed together and have put solidly and proudly into place blew me away!

Our Purpose Statement:
“We develop relationships in our community to create health and transformations.”

Wow! Think about what that means for you as a patient or if you’re considering becoming a patient of Seasons of Smiles. It’s a very powerful promise to you and this community.
Did you see the word money in there? No. Does it say anything about complicated systems? No. Or that you’ll have a very limited time with the dentist? Not at Seasons of Smiles.
If we break their Dental Purpose Statement down, this is what Seasons of Smiles stands for:

  • They love their community and the people in it.
  • As a patient, your overall health is very important to them.
  • Dr. Medina and his team want to help you create transformation in your health, life and your smile.

That is really impactful when you think about it! This Purpose Statement is what Dr. Medina has put in place to be the foundation of his entire practice. If anything at Seasons of Smiles doesn’t meet this benchmark, they simply don’t put it into place.
What does that mean for Dr. Medina’s patients? Everything! He and his team are committed to each and every patient (and potential patients) and are going to do everything possible to help them find health and transform their lives.
If you are a patient of Dr. Medina’s, congratulations on finding a dentist who truly cares about stretching to continue to serve you and your family even better. And if you’re looking for a dentist who puts what’s best for you first, your selection may have just gotten a little easier.

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