Take Home Instructions for Invisalign

Take Home Instructions for Invisalign

Take Home Instructions for Invisalign - Seasons of Smiles Dental - Rockland Maine
Take Home Instructions for Invisalign – Seasons of Smiles Dental – Rockport Maine

Congratulations on getting your Invisalign aligners!
They should only be removed while eating, drinking (anything other than cool water), and while brushing and flossing.  Before inserting your aligners wash your hands thoroughly and check that you are inserting the proper aligner by checking the printed code- U is for the upper aligner, and L is for the lower aligner.
You will leave wearing aligner #1, and we may give you aligners to take home with instructions to change on a certain date.  To insert push aligner gently over front teeth first then use firm pressure to insert over the back teeth.  TIP- DO NOT bite your aligners in place!
Use the “Invisalign “chewies” provided to fully seat the aligners.
Be sure and check out our video on Invisalign cleaning tips and maintenance.
Mild soreness is expected for the first couple of days after insertion- it means the aligners are working, yay!  TIP- Insert aligners before bed since the first several hours tend to be the most uncomfortable.
If you need to use a pain reliever, for this circumstance we recommend Tylenol.  Avoid using Ibuprofen or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory’s.
If there is a sharp edge on your aligner, you may use a clean emery board (nail file) to gently smooth the rough edge.

It is important to wear the retainers 20-22 hours per day.

To remove aligners (remember only when eating/ drinking or to clean) use the pad or side of your fingertip on the INSIDE (towards the roof of your mouth or tongue) and start removing from the back of the teeth first.  Loosen one side in the back then the other, removing the front portion last.  You may use the remover tool provided if easier.
Rinse aligners after removing with cool water.  To clean aligners, you may use a small amount of plain toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.
Always place current aligners into the blue container provided.  When starting the next aligners place the last set in the red container provided as back up if you lose or break your current aligner.
Tip- Brush and floss thoroughly after eating before you insert aligner.  Avoid using mouthwash while aligner is in as it tends to cause discoloration.

Let us know right away if your retainers breaks or a “button” comes off. Call us at (207) 236-4740.

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