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Do you like going to the movies? How about short, fun movie snippets? Come on over and check them out!

Tiger has a “hole in one”.

In this youtube video, Tiger Woods has a “hole in one.” A hole in his tooth. The dental dilemma, What to do, who do I call? Seasons of Smiles Dental Video

Tiger – Help, help, help me.

Reporter – Is this about the terrible golf you have been playing?

Tiger – No, right now I am most worried about the 19th hole. The one in my tooth.

Reporter – That is the least of your worries tiger. Give Dr. Medina, over at Seasons of Smiles a call. He will fix you up right away.

Tiger – . . ., but I don’t have a tee time. How will I ever get this tooth fixed?

Reporter – Don’t worry! At Seasons of Smiles Dental, they are willing to work with your schedule, from a toothache to something even as small as a cleaning.

Tiger – Wow!!! That’s amazing!!! With this pain gone, I’ll be winning again in no time.

Reporter – I wouldn’t make any room in your trophy case just yet.

Benjamin Medina RN
Benjamin Medina RN

Ben is the son of Dr. and Mrs. Medina. Although Ben Medina was raised in Camden Maine, he currently resides in Kettering Ohio. He is full-time Emergency Room Nurse in Kettering Medical Center.

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