LOCATOR Abutments: Simplifying Overdentures

LOCATOR Abutments: Simplifying Overdentures

Locator Abutments by Zest
Locator Abutments by Zest

Ideal implant positioning isn’t always possible, but with LOCATOR R-Tx’s ability to treat up to 60° between implants, you don’t need to worry. LOCATOR R-Tx is more forgiving of angled implant placement, making overdenture cases simpler and easier.
Features that Count:

  • 25% greater wear resistance with patented DuraTec® coating.
  • Improved design enables easier denture alignment and seating for patients.
  • Enhanced customizable retention with low, medium, and high retention inserts for standard range as well as limited range inserts.
  • Convenient, all-in-one packaging for simplified ordering.

Watch the video to learn why LOCATOR R-Tx is a must-have addition to your overdenture practice.

We at Seasons of Smiles Dental are big fans of Locator Abutments by Zest.  We just received this email. Thank you Zest for keeping us on your email list. – Dr. Medina



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